Brewing In Style

Welcome to the Brewing in Style column of the Brewer's Forum!

In this column we pick a particular brewing region or beer style and delve into its history and brewing practices, then supply you with a few all-grain and extract recipes to ponder and perhaps experiment with.

We started with a German forum, focusing on their tradition of wheat beers, and even experimenting with several yeast strains from the area.

The next column produced was during Oktoberfest time, so naturally we broke down the history and technique of making a great, traditional, Fest beer.

The very popular IPA forum supplies some great recipes, from traditional to Northwest Hop-Head Heaven! But now we've bitten off more than we can chew with an attempt at a Belgian column.

While it would be impossible to note all of the wonderful history and beer styles produced there without writing our own book, we did focus on three popular recipes, the newest additions to our recipe line-up! Witbiers, Dubbels and Tripels await you.

What's next?

Have an idea? Let us know!


German Wheat Beer

(Vienna, Märzen)

India Pale Ale

Three Belgian Ales